1. Can the map be used offline?

Yes! Our maps do not require a internet connection to work.

2. Can I use the map without a GPS app?

No, you will need to download an GPS app and upload the map file to it. See our GPS Apps and How To sections.

3. Why is the the trails the same color?

The file was created in Gaia GPS, if you import into a different app it may change the colors/waypoint style. 

4. What format is the map file?

You will receive the map in GPX file format, if you need a different format please email us at support@mytrailmaps.net

5. What is the color code of the map?  

All maps follow the original color code of the maps the park provides.

6. The link says I have zero attempts left, how do I download the file?

If the link you received says you have zero attempts to download the file and you haven't downloaded it yet please email our support team at support@mytrailmaps.net

7. Does the map have corresponding trail numbers? . 

Yes! The map will follow the same number and naming scheme as the park.

8. I am unable to open the file after downloaing it, what is wrong?

Your device cannot read the file format, you will need to upload the file to a GPS app. Please see our GPS App and How To pages.