You will receive the file in .GPX format. All tracks are the color of the original map, labeled with name/number and the trail class. The file will need to be imported to a GPS app, visit the How To section for more details. This file format can be used with a wide array of apps, as long as it supports the file format.

The file was created in Gaia GPS, if you import into a different app it may change the colors/waypoint style.

My Trail Maps

Map Request

If there is a trail, off-road park etc. you would like to have us add, please email us at Support@MyTrailMaps.Net or contact us on Facebook.

Recommended Apps

The onX Offroad app, a specialized tool for off-roading enthusiasts, offers a comprehensive and user-friendly experience for discovering and navigating trails suitable for various types of off-road vehicles such as 4x4s, UTVs, dirt bikes, and snowmobiles. It boasts a substantial database of trails, providing over 400,000 miles of motorized routes...

Recommended Tablets

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite 10.4 emerges as a compelling choice for offroad enthusiasts seeking a reliable and feature-rich navigation device. This tablet combines functionality, durability, and portability, making it an ideal companion for your rugged journeys. Here's why the Galaxy Tab S6 Lite should be your go-to device for offroad...

For offroad enthusiasts seeking a reliable and high-performance navigation device, the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 stands out as a superior choice. Currently priced at an attractive $499.99​​, this tablet combines advanced features and robust construction, making it ideal for navigating challenging terrains. Here's why the Galaxy Tab S8 should be at the...

When it comes to offroad navigation, having a reliable, versatile, and robust device is crucial. The iPad 10.2-inch (9th generation) stands out as a top contender in this niche. Here's why this iPad model is an excellent choice for anyone seeking a dependable companion for their offroad adventures.

iPad Mini


Embarking on offroad adventures requires not just courage and skill, but also the right equipment. In the realm of navigation, the iPad Mini emerges as a surprisingly powerful tool. Compact yet mighty, the iPad Mini offers a unique blend of features perfect for offroad enthusiasts. Let's explore why it's an excellent choice for your offroad...