Black Mountain Off-Road Adventure Area: A Thrilling Off-Road Haven in Southeastern Kentucky


If you're an adventure enthusiast or an off-road aficionado, Black Mountain Off-Road Adventure Area in Harlan County, Kentucky, is a must-visit destination. Established in October 2005, this off-road haven has rapidly become the number one adventure destination in Southeastern Kentucky and its surrounding areas. Nestled in the breathtaking mountains of Harlan County, it offers a unique experience for all those seeking adrenaline-pumping fun.

Key Features of Black Mountain Off-Road Adventure Area:

  • Open All Day, All Year-Round: Providing year-round access for off-road enthusiasts.
  • Over 150 Miles of Marked Trails: Offering a variety of experiences and difficulty levels.
  • Approximately 7,000 Acres of Mountainous Terrain: Providing a diverse and challenging landscape.
  • Elevations up to 3,300 Feet High: Delivering thrilling climbs and descents.
  • Detailed Trail Maps Available: Ensuring a safe and enjoyable adventure.
  • Beginner, Intermediate, and Extreme ATV Trails: Catering to riders of all skill levels.
  • Levels 1 through 5 4x4 Trails and Obstacles: Challenging 4x4 enthusiasts with varying difficulty.
  • Two Convenient Trailheads: Easy access for visitors from multiple directions.
  • Minutes from Rental Cabins, RV Hookups, and Other Amenities: Offering a complete off-road experience.
  • Lowest Rates Nationwide: Providing affordable adventure for all.

Trails at Black Mountain Off-Road Adventure Area: Spanning approximately 150 miles across nearly 8,000 acres of rugged mountain terrain, Black Mountain's trails are a testament to the park's commitment to adventure. Originating from strip mining roads and logging routes, the multi-use trails are open to various vehicles, including ATVs, side-by-sides, dirt bikes, trucks, jeeps, and buggies. Some trails are specific to ATV or dirt bike use only, ensuring a diverse and enjoyable experience for all riders.

To enhance your adventure, detailed trail maps are available here. The trail system features varying elevations, from 1,180 feet to 3,321 feet above sea level, providing riders with diverse landscapes and challenges.

Fees and Passes: To access the Black Mountain Off-Road Adventure Area, the following fees apply:

  • Yearly Single Pass: $65.00
  • Yearly Family Pass: $65.00 for the first vehicle, $55.00 for the second vehicle, $50.00 for each additional vehicle
  • Yearly Multi-Vehicle Pass: $70.00
  • 31 Day Pass: $40.00
  • 31 Multi-Day Pass: $45.00

For detailed information on park passes, visit Black Mountain Offroad Adventure website. The park's rules can be found here.

Adventure Area Report: Black Mountain Off-Road Adventure Area goes beyond traditional trails; it offers the thrill of zip-lining with the Black Mountain Thunder. With over 500 feet in height and speeds reaching 60 mph, this zip line course is an exhilarating experience, providing breathtaking views of the mountainous landscape.

Play and Stay: Harlan County Campground, located just 8 miles from Cumberland, serves as an ideal base for your off-road adventure. The campground, situated at the Putney Trailhead, offers cabin rentals, campsites with or without electric, and RV sites. Explore nearby attractions such as Kingdom Come State Park and the Kentucky Coal Museum. Additional details at

Black Mountain Off-Road Adventure Area stands as a testament to Harlan County's commitment to outdoor adventure. With its diverse trails, challenging obstacles, and additional attractions like zip-lining, it has rightfully earned its reputation as one of the best riding areas in North America. Whether you're a seasoned off-road enthusiast or a beginner seeking an adrenaline rush, Black Mountain welcomes you to explore its trails and experience the beauty of Southeastern Kentucky. For more information, contact Harlan County Trails at (606) 837-3205 or visit their website.

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