BOSS Audio Systems BRRC27 27 Inch ATV UTV Sound Bar



The BOSS Audio Systems BRRC27 27 Inch Sound Bar is designed as a premium sound solution specifically for UTVs, including ATVs. It's weather-resistant and offers various features such as Bluetooth connectivity, built-in amplifier, and dome lights. The installation can be complex, and there have been mixed reviews regarding its performance and usability.

Features and Design

  • Size and Construction: Measuring 27 inches, the soundbar is built with durable materials and designed for both vertical and horizontal placement.
  • Weather Resistance: It is weatherproof with an IPX5 coating, ensuring protection against elements like rain.
  • Sound Quality: The soundbar provides clear and crisp audio, including a frequency response range of 20 Hz to 20 kHz, with a powerful built-in class D amplifier and strategically placed speakers.
  • Connectivity: It offers Bluetooth connectivity, RCA inputs, and a 3.5mm auxiliary input for various devices.
  • Other Features: Additional highlights include 500W max power, USB charging, dome lights, and a remote control for ease of use.

User Experience and Reviews

  • Installation: Customers have expressed that the installation process can be tricky, involving nuts and screws, and sometimes requiring external wiring secured with zip ties [1].
  • Performance: Reviews indicate satisfaction with sound quality, including bass and treble. Some users have pointed out the lack of bass despite loudness, and difficulties in adjusting treble in noisy environments.
  • Compatibility: Some customers have faced issues connecting it to a BOSS marine receiver and found it incompatible with noise-canceling headphones for communication.
  • Durability: Despite exposure to rain, the stereo has performed well for some users, and positive reviews note its durability.
  • Aesthetic Considerations: The Bluetooth controller poses mounting challenges due to its appearance, and some customers have found the controller bulky.
  • Additional Considerations: Mixed reviews include praise for features like the dome light and solid construction, and criticism for issues like low volume, humming noise, interference, and unit failure.


The BOSS Audio Systems BRRC27 Sound Bar is a feature-rich option for UTV enthusiasts, offering high-quality audio, weather resistance, and a sleek design. While most users appreciate its performance, sound quality, and durability, the product has received criticism for installation challenges, compatibility issues, and some design aspects. Careful consideration of individual needs and preferences may be essential when deciding on this soundbar, given the diverse opinions from different users. Overall, it's a valuable addition to UTVs for those prioritizing powerful sound and robust construction.