Elevate Your Off-Road Adventures with the Sound Storm Laboratories SB26 UTV Sound Bar System


Are you ready to take your off-road adventures to the next level? Look no further than the Sound Storm Laboratories SB26 UTV Sound Bar System. Whether you're hitting the dunes, trails, or parks, this weatherproof Powersports sound bar is your ticket to an immersive and thrilling audio experience. Let's dive into the features that make the SB26 a must-have for your outdoor escapades.

1. Powerful Audio Performance: The SB26 boasts a 500-Watt built-in amplifier that elevates your audible experience to new heights. With four 4" full-range speakers and two 1" horn-loaded tweeters, this sound bar delivers crisp highs, robust mids, and deep lows, ensuring you never miss a beat of your favorite tunes.

2. Seamless Connectivity: Wirelessly connect your smartphone or MP3 player via Bluetooth and enjoy the convenience of streaming music from your favorite apps like Spotify and Pandora. The 3.5mm aux-in connection also allows for a quick and easy hookup to your audio devices, ensuring you have all the options you need to keep the party going.

3. Weatherproof Design: Don't let unpredictable weather conditions dampen your spirits. The SB26 is fully Marinized with an IPX5 rating, providing protection against water streams from any angle. Rain or shine, you can confidently ride on and enjoy your favorite music without worry.

4. Easy Installation and Setup: Setting up the SB26 is a breeze. The plug-N-play design allows for easy installation by plugging into any 12V power source using the included installation kit. The adjustable clamps ensure a secure fit on bars ranging from 1.75 to 2 inches, giving you the flexibility to install it on various vehicles.

5. Convenient Features: The SB26 comes equipped with a range of convenient features, including USB charging capabilities to keep your devices powered up during your adventures. The built-in EQ allows you to fine-tune the audio to your preferences. Control it all with the multi-function wireless remote, providing easy access to play/pause, track selection, volume control, and EQ adjustments.

6. Warranty and Professional Installation: For added peace of mind, Sound Storm Laboratories offers a robust 3-year Platinum Online Dealer Warranty when you make your purchase through Amazon.com. Professional installation is recommended to ensure the proper and safe functionality of this exceptional sound bar.

Ready to transform your off-road experiences? Click here to check out the Sound Storm Laboratories SB26 UTV Sound Bar System on Amazon and take the first step toward enhancing your adventures with premium audio performance. Don't miss out on the ultimate combination of power, durability, and convenience for your outdoor pursuits!

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