For off-road enthusiasts seeking to enhance their UTV's safety and functionality, KEMIMOTO UTV Side Mirrors offer the perfect blend of durability, compatibility, and design efficiency. These mirrors are not just an accessory; they are an essential upgrade for any UTV rider.

Wide Compatibility for Diverse Adventures KEMIMOTO UTV Mirrors are designed to fit all UTVs with 1.6" - 2" round tube roll cages, making them compatible with a wide range of models including Polaris RZR, Kawasaki Mule, Pioneer, Zforce, Rhino, YXZ, Viking, Wolverine, and Can Am. Note that they are not suitable for 2015+ Ranger models with pro fit cages, as they only fit round bar cages.

Adjustable and Break-Away Design These side mirrors are adjustable both horizontally and vertically, ensuring optimal viewing angles for any rider. The innovative "breakaway" feature allows the mirrors to fold inward when encountering obstacles like tree limbs, enhancing their durability and practicality in rugged conditions.

Enhanced Rear View With dimensions of 3.7" W x 7.5" H and a convex mirror lens, KEMIMOTO UTV Mirrors provide a broad and clear rear view, significantly enhancing safety and awareness during off-road adventures.

Sturdy and Splash-Proof Constructed with high-impact ABS housing and equipped with anti-slip and shock-absorbing rubber pads, these mirrors remain securely in place even on the roughest terrains. The shatter-proof tempered glass ensures maximum safety, preventing injury from broken glass.

What's Included Each purchase includes:

  • A set of two SXS mirrors for the driver and passenger side
  • Two sets of mounting clamps for 1.6" - 2" diameter cages
  • Four rubber pads
  • Bolts for easy installation

The KEMIMOTO UTV Side Mirrors are available on Amazon, offering a transformative upgrade for your UTV experience. They combine durability, reliability, and style, making them a must-have for any off-road enthusiast.

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